Weight Lost in Gold

Have you seen the story running around the news in the past week? Apparently the government of Dubai has set up a scheme that looks like a proper contest: if you lose weight during thirty days, you will get gold in return. You can read the BBC news article to know more about this story.

How much would one get? For each kilogram, people will receive a gram of gold in return. However, you must lose at least 2 kilograms to get any prize.

Apparently there is also room for people who want to push themselves even more. In fact, if you are one of the three participants of the scheme that loses the most weight by the end of the thirty days, you will have a chance to win a golden coin worth about £3,500.

This is a very drastic decision coming from the municipality of Dubai. The government believes that this scheme will motivate people to lose weight. Dubai authorities are also scared of the number of people in the city that are not eating healthily and are not exercising properly.

However, there are obvious concerns one might have with the implemented scheme. First of all, it encourages the idea that losing weight is good for you. Undoubtedly, it is for most people. However, each case is different and people must be assessed properly and by competent medical staff before starting a diet. This is because of many reasons. For example, some people only feel fat without knowing that they are perfectly healthy and at an ideal weight. Others might have other complications that have caused the weight increase which must be assessed either in conjunction with a healthy weight loss diet or even before changing the diet plans.

The government says that the participants will have a session where they will be advised as to how to lose weight without compromising the general health. I hope that it will be enough to guarantee that people do not harm their health.

We have always advocated for healthy weight loss here. We believe that there are tips, tricks and ways that will help you lose weight constantly, healthily and even in a brief period of time. Drastic changes in your diet, such as the one advocated for in Dubai, might be very dangerous for some people. Hence, we recommend seeing a physician or a dietician if you are participating to this contest or if you are thinking of losing weight. This is so you have the peace of mind you deserve when starting a weight loss program.

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