Heat and Weight Loss

Isn’t it lovely that we can now stroll around the park without a jacket on? Of course. However, as you might already have experienced in these past few weeks, the heat might also become too much to handle all of a sudden. So how do we keep on losing weight healthily without any drastic changes and without fainting?

Here are some thoughts on how to deal with weight loss during hot days (for more tips, feel free to read this article from the Huffington Post).

Do not stop exercising: You cannot stop going to the gym just because “it is simply too hot to exercise”. If your gym is not air-conditioned, find another method of exercising. For example, go swimming instead. Another alternative is to change the times when you exercise: try to change your schedule so that you can do your exercising routine when the temperature is not spiking (i.e. either early in the morning or in the late evening).

Keep Hydrated! Water is the answer to a lot of questions. For example, if you are asking yourself: “what do I do if I feel my exercise drained me out?” or “how do I deal with the heat when it is simply too much?” the answer is: drink water. You can add some herbs (like mint) if you are bored of drinking plain water, but do not stop drinking as dehydration is not your friend.

Take advantage of the weather: Instead of complaining about how hot it is, try to enjoy the temperature! Obviously wear sunscreen or walk in the shade…but be active! If you usually go to your local shop in your car or with a bus but you know that it only takes a few more minutes to walk it, try going on foot this time. You will be grateful to have done so not only because you are consuming calories, but also because you’ve skipped being on a super-hot means of transportation that would only get you sweaty and frustrated.

Do not over-eat: The weather is an extra boost of motivation to eat less. It is common for people to be less hungry if the weather is hot. If you are one of the lucky ones, your body will not be as hungry as usual. If the hot weather does not usually make you less hungry, remember to eat less anyway, otherwise you will feel very bloated and unable to move (we’ve all felt that way and we know that’s not a nice situation to be in).

These 4 tips should help you stay on track and help you keep your losing weight habits during the summertime. Remember: even though it seems like you are losing weight in the heat, you are not. This is just a myth. The weight loss sensation is only your body losing water so keep hydrated! If you do not exercise, adjust your eating habits, and live a healthier lifestyle, you won’t lose any actual fat.

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