Monthly Archives: July 2013

Weight Lost in Gold

Have you seen the story running around the news in the past week? Apparently the government of Dubai has set up a scheme that looks like a proper contest: if you lose weight during thirty days, you will get gold in return. You can read the BBC news article to know more about this story. [...]

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Heat and Weight Loss

Isn’t it lovely that we can now stroll around the park without a jacket on? Of course. However, as you might already have experienced in these past few weeks, the heat might also become too much to handle all of a sudden. So how do we keep on losing weight healthily without any drastic changes [...]

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How to stay on track and keep the weight off

Most of us find it easy to start something. Whether it is a new project, a new life, or a new diet, the novelty of it all helps us to cope with our new ventures and daily missions. But how do we make sure we stay on track when the high expectation and good intentions [...]

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